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Exibition WestLicht Vienna

Fishery Varga

Summer, shortly before sunrise: Photographer Alex Lang, from Weiden in Burgenland, greets the Varga family fishermen in the morning dawn. As the sun appears, the fascinating spectacle begins. Fishermen and photographer work side by side, unhurried and authentic. “The aim of this photographic project”, says Lang, “was to capture these moments, which for outsiders have such a special quality, just as the Vargas family experiences them every day, becoming a part of their craft as a silent observer. The day warms up; tranquillity is accompanied by the sound of hungry gulls, the expanse of the ocean and the inevitable peace that nature radiates.”

5* wine estate

Winery Gesellmann

“Deutschkreutz, in the heart of Burgenland. An unassuming façade opens up to reveal the architectural masterpiece that is the Gesellmann winery. You’re welcomed by the warm hospitality of the family and a fabulous view of the winery, featuring an undulating, 3D wooden ceiling construction in the wine cellar, which Albert Gesellmann himself helped to design. This is where tradition meets cutting edge, where meticulous handicraft meets elegant ease. “The attention to detail, the practiced work steps from harvest to filling and our passion for our product – we want the observer to experience all of it, and the photos reflect this. Quality born of appreciation for the product and genuine enthusiasm come together to create outstanding wine. We share a devotion to what we do and a desire to create something extraordinary.”